Ep 24: The Blade that Never Dulls

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Episode 24 of "I am Texas Slim" podcast, titled "The Blade That Never Dulls,"
explores the intersection of technology, rancher producers, and the Beef Initiative. Texas Slim discusses the need for decentralized platforms, the challenges faced by American ranchers and producers in centralized digital marketplaces, and the potential of technology to empower and give voice to the agricultural community.
  • Metal technology
  • 90's dot com
  • TBI technology driven
  • Harvest Of Deception
  • Digital voice of the rancher
  • Oshi app
  • How it all started
  • Maps Beef Initiative
  • Wrich Ranches
  • Grass Roots, Grass Fed
  • Organic origins?
  • Natural water
  • Regenerative mindset
  • Horseshoe luck
  • Back to the community
  • Children health
  • Leverage all technology
  • We got the producers
  • Suspicious 
  • Open-Source
  • Podcasting 2.0
  • Beef Boosts!
  • New features coming

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Creators and Guests

Texas Slim⚔
Texas Slim⚔
Founder of the #BeefInitiative and #FoodIntelligence • Native Texan w a Global Reach • #Bitcoin • https://t.co/x0x0MUlTU0
Mr Robot ⚡
Mr Robot ⚡
#Bitcoin Maximalist/IT nerd/Media⚡Lightning Network⚡ mrrobot@zbd.gghttps://t.co/dzyeaLjOAUhttps://t.co/UT56xerelDhttps://t.co/xXW2ckgyhs
R.S. June
R.S. June
CCO, The Beef Initiative | Founder, Texas Slim's Cuts | Founder, Florida Beef Initiative
Texas Slim's Cuts
Texas Slim's Cuts
Texas Slim's Cuts is the premiere creative agency for The Great American Rancher. Founded by @modernTman and @JuneFL Backed by @beefinitiative.
Ep 24: The Blade that Never Dulls
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