Ep 26: A Cowboy History of the Internet

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Title: A Cowboy History of the Internet

Evolution of Internet
TCP/IP Protocol (Robert Kahn)
DNS Protocol (Paul Mockapetris)
Impact of Big Tech
Social Media Influence
HTTP (Tim Berners-Lee)
Internet & Attention Span
Internet & Behavior Change
Internet & Beef Industry
The Beef Initiative
Centralization of Commerce
Centralization of Banking
Internet's Layered Structure
Cyber Punks
Future of Internet (Robert Kahn)

"The Cowboys History of the Internet" by Texas Slim, provides an in-depth exploration of the evolution of the internet from its inception to the present day. He shares his personal journey from being a cowboy in West Texas to becoming a tech-savvy individual in Austin, Texas. He discusses the early days of the internet, which was primarily text-based and open-sourced, and how it has transformed into a multimedia platform that is largely controlled by big tech companies.

Slim emphasizes the importance of understanding the internet's layered structure, from the foundational protocols like TCP/IP and DNS to the surface-level interfaces we interact with today. He laments the loss of the internet's initial vision of free information exchange and criticizes the centralization and control exerted by tech giants. He also highlights how the internet has impacted our attention spans and behaviors, particularly through social media platforms.

The podcast also delves into the intersection of the internet and the beef industry. Slim explains how the internet has influenced the industry, from selling products online to the centralization of commerce and banking. He introduces the Beef Initiative, a project aimed at pivoting away from the third layer of the internet and providing an umbrella of protection, marketing, and intelligence for the beef industry.

In conclusion, "The Cowboys History of the Internet" is a thought-provoking exploration of the internet's evolution, its impact on society and specific industries, and the need for a return to its decentralized, open-source roots.

Robert Khan: https://archive.org/details/newsconsole-futureofit_robert_kahnmovies
Internet Governance Raw Footage: Paul Mockapetris https://archive.org/details/igovernance_rawfootage_Paul_Mockapetris
1995 Vannevar Bush Symposium, Tape 5 - Tim Berners-Lee: https://archive.org/details/XD1941_4_95VannevarBushSymTape5_TimBerners-Lee

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Ep 26: A Cowboy History of the Internet
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